• the journey beginsEstablished Walk in Victory Ministries August 2013
  • Inspiring relationship building through purposeful communication, healthy boundaries, and identity awareness in Christ.
  • I have been a member of Pikes Peak Christian Church since 2007.
  •  I was baptized in a creek in 1989 with the precious people of Asbury United Methodist Church in Skipperville, AL
  • I accepted Christ as my savior in April 1982 at Post Oak Baptist Church, Ozark, AL on Easter morning



My Salvation Story:

My junior year of high school, I found out the church just up the road, Post Oak Baptist had a women’s league softball team that I was old enough to play. I went to the church and  played on the women’s league. I sort of played one season. The next season they made a rule you had to attend church to be allowed to play. So, there it was. I had to go to church. I went. Reluctantly. I sat in the pew and sort of listened. And then I began to sit up and listen a little closer.

I started to hear what the preacher was speaking about. He said that when I died. Not if I died. Wait a minute. I was not going to live forever. Whoa! This was new news to me. After digesting that fact, I heard more of what he had to say. When I died I was going to be in darkness forever with Satan if I did not make a choice to accept Christ as my Savior. There was no fence for me to be sitting on. If I didn’t make a choice for Christ the choice was already made for me. I would be going to hell. What? Did everyone else already know this?

I had never heard of this stuff. Christ. Light. Darkness. Pit of Fire. Hell. Damnation. The preacher was not screaming all this information. It was just simple.  Choose Jesus or don’t and the choice is already made. Oh my. And then as it so often does in life. God opened my eyes to my own vulnerability and frailty as I was pondering my decision.

Two boys in my senior class were in a car accident. Both found themselves in the hospital in critical care. Both were unsure if they would live or if they did what condition they would be in. I realized that just as easily could have been me. Easter morning as the church sang “Just as I am” I walked to the front of the church and gave my life to Christ. I have never regretted my decision.

Just a short while later before our senior class graduated there was another car accident and Duane Sammons died. He was a precious young man who knew the Lord. He was a friend of mine. What had been a small senior class became one less. We never know when God will call us Home.mossy green steps

Everything was not lost. God had a plan. He needed to get my attention.  It took over a year.  But finally I heard His voice.

Jeremiah 29:11 NIV “For I know the plans I have for you, “declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you.” One of my favorite verses.  Knowing that our God has a plan for us.  We are not just walking around aimlessly.  We are on His mind.  Life is not just an accident waiting to happen to us.  God is listening.  Waiting for us to notice Him.  Because if you read the next verse it gets even better.

Jeremiah 29:12 NIV “Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.  You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all you heart. I will be found by you.”

Easter Sunday 1982 I accepted Christ as my savior. I knew I was different. I felt different. In the next step the church failed me. I was never discipled. I was so hungry to find out more. What was the “more” I  to know? What were the questions I was to ask? I didn’t even know the questions let alone the answers. I was so alone in my faith walk. I knew there was more. But I didn’t know how to ask for the more. How very pitiful I was. Very little changed. I wanted a new life.

I wished someone would have told me God’s word is His love letter.  I want you to know to read the bible. It is how you will know the Lord.


In 1983, my husband and I were married in Post Oak United Methodist Church.

In 1989, I wrote an article in the local paper. A beautiful saint, Effie Mae Hughes, at 92 years old, she cut out the article, looked up our number in the white pages and called me to invite us to her church, Asbury United Methodist.  I had to meet this sweet lady that took all that effort to meet me. Her efforts changed our lives forever. We saw Jesus in her and in the people at the small community church at Asbury. Seth nor I had ever been baptized. We wanted to do it like the bible times in the great outdoors. Alabama was experiencing a drought. It took a bit to find some water in the creek. But determined Christians will find water even in a drought to baptize a sister and a brother to a new life in Christ. We were both forever changed on that day!

1990, we moved to Korea and began attending the post chapel at Camp Humphries, South Korea. We also spent time in fellowship with believers at the Hospitality House (ran by Cadence International). A place for soldiers and their families in overseas duty stations to feel at  home. We learned how to fellowship with believers there.

In 1991, we moved to Panama. I prayed for one mentor for us to continue our growth as followers of Christ. God did what God does. He gave us an entire church of teachers. Most of the teachers from the Panama Canal Zone that were Christians were members at Crossroads Bible Church.  Little did we know that third week in country, as we walked into the doors of CBC God was working out amazing details of our lives. Within six weeks of being in Panama, God placed a beautiful Kuna Indian (4 month old) baby girl in our arms. The “church” of Crossroads Bible Church instantly became our family and mentored just as Titus instructs one another to do. Our family spent three years in Panama being prepared to be a Christians, devoted couple, committed parents, missionaries to wherever God sent us out into the world.  Our hearts desire is that every young couple would be loved on the way that we experienced and continue to this day.

God was not finished. He brought an amazing bouncing boy into our lives four years after our daughter. He was from New York and only three weeks old. He rocked our world from the beginning with his zest for life. We knew from the start he would be a warrior for the Lord. I have always been a strong woman, a person with firm personal boundaries, love a challenge, love to laugh, I can see the silly in things and don’t mind working outside the box. God knew the kind of mom both of my children would need as we home-schooled, shaped their beautiful characters and parented them through life. I didn’t expect that I would become a prayer warrior, gentle, understanding and more giving of myself than I had ever been before. I am forever grateful for having the privilege of becoming a mother.

Motherhood has groomed me for ministry. Ministry showed me better ways to parent and allowed me to grow as a wife. Each experience God has allowed myself and my family to travel through has helped us to grow in the Lord. I am a better “me” now than I ever had been before. I hope to continue to grow and mature in my faith every day.  Seth and I will celebrate our thirty-first year of marriage in November. God is good. All the time.sign Dance in the Rain

For nearly twenty years I had suffered with illnesses. Diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2010 and years before I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue, severe migraines, asthma and several other problems. The added Fibro diagnosis was hard to hear but at least now I knew why I was having all these body pains. I choose to take a path that would possibly help me live a better life the caveat was I would be sicker before getting better. With a lot of prayer, enormous family and friend support, doing what I was told, God meeting me where He wanted me to be – I am so much better. I can not say I am cured. I can say I rarely have a bad day. I can say through it all my God was with me. He never left me. He never abandon me. I knew God had a plan. Jer 29:11.  I rarely  have a migraine, the fibro pain is almost non-existent, the asthma is under control, the chronic fatigue is the last to clear up. Every day I have energy that I did not have before. Our God is a great God!!God is continuing every day to restore me to a healthier me and I am forever grateful. God is the Healer God.

I know that God has released me to go and share with His daughters His love for them. It is time for me to be the daughter He has raised me up to be!



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