Crazy Snow Weather

Crazy. Crazy. Crazy.

Texas. Alabama. The south has snow and we have none where I live in Colorado. I live here so I can have cold, snowy days. I might have to think about moving south. Nay. Much too, too, too hot in the summer.

I’m so grateful that God continues to give us seasons.

My family lived in Panama for three years where there isn’t much difference in the weather year around. Yes, it does rain more in the rainy season. I can guarantee you it is sticky, hot all year-long. I liked the weather for the first year but when the perpetual summer went through Thanksgiving and Christmas I didn’t enjoy year ’round summer.

Winter in Colorado
Winter in Colorado


If you had a choice which season of the year would you pick to have all year-long if you could keep it the same every day?

Winter? Spring? Summer? or Autumn?

I know what mine would be. Let me know would be your choice and why. In the meantime, enjoy this crazy weather.

DeeDee Lake

I love to share the joy of Jesus. Helping people to transform their lives to a fully victorious life for Christ is my passion. I am a speaker, writer, blogger, mentor, CASA advocate, wife to a great guy for over thirty years, a mom of two adult kids, nana to two darling grandbabies, and owner of Lucy, the golden retriever. Life is wonderfully hectic and full of fun, friends and family just the way I love it.

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